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350 Jahre Medizinische Fakultät

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About the institute
Director / s :
Prof. Dr. Markus Bleich phone: +49 431 880 2961
Prof. Dr. Thomas Baukrowitz phone: +49 431 880 4934
Prof. Dr. Peer Wulff phone: +49 431 880 2806

The Institute of Physiology was founded in 1853; today it provides an efficient infrastructure.

Currently, special emphasis is given to research of physiology of epithelial function, physiology of ion channels, including regulation by membrane lipids, as well as systemic neurobiology. Scientists at the Institute of Physiology collaborate closely with the Cluster of Excellence 'The Future Ocean' and with many renowned research laboratories worldwide.

In addition to research, teaching plays a significant role at the Institute of Physiology. The institute is greatly engaged in the faculty’s e-learning projects.

Questions about the practical courses or seminars?

Christoph Richter
phone: +49 431 880 2027
Sonja Reich
phone: +49 431 880 4001

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